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  • Chavonda Jacobs-Young
    REE Under Secretary
    & USDA Chief Scientist
  • Sanah Baig
    Deputy Under Secretary
  • Jeremy Adamson
    Chief of Staff
  • Sharon Drumm
    Senior Advisor
  • Tara Weaver-Missick
    Director of Communications
  • Carlton Bridgeforth
    Senior Advisor for Stakeholder Engagement and Congressional Affairs
  • Michael A. Grusak
    Senior Advisor for Precision Nutrition and Cancer Moonshot
  • Keegan Kautzky
    REE Senior Advisor
  • Tyler Tucker
    Special Assistant
  • Briana Burke
    Program Support Specialist
  • Ebony Washington
    Program Support Specialist
  • Megan Guilfoyle
    Public Affairs Specialist
  • Ganjofarid Anvarzod
    Visual Information Specialist