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Mission Statement

The Research, Education, and Economics (REE) mission area of the U. S. Department of Agriculture has Federal leadership responsibility for advancing scientific knowledge related to agriculture.

Our mission is accomplished through our intramural and extramural scientific research programs. We deliver credible scientific research, economic data, statistical analysis, and scientific guidance through four science agencies and the Office of the Chief Scientist within USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics mission area.

  • The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the largest intramural research agency of USDA. ARS delivers scientific solutions to national and global agricultural challenges.
  • The Economic Research Service (ERS) anticipates trends and emerging issues in agriculture, food, the environment, and rural America and conducts high-quality, objective economic research to inform and enhance public and private decision making.
  • The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) provides timely, accurate and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture.
  • The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) invests in and advances agricultural research, education, and extension to help solve national challenges in agriculture, food, the environment and communities.
  • The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) provides scientific leadership and ensures USDA-funded research is held to the highest standards of intellectual rigor and scientific integrity.